A Guide to the Divorce Process

Divorce is a daunting process for a married couple since it involves a lot of emotions. If you are contemplating divorce, the extract below provides a few tips on the divorce process.  Petitioners Application Divorce is initiated when one of the partners files a divorce application. Once you file an application, you will be known as the petitioner. You should note that divorce proceedings do not include child custody rights and property settlement. Read More 

What to Expect When It Comes to Caring for the Children after Separation

Life can be very complicated and nobody knows what is ahead. Sometimes the best-laid plans can fail and caused a major redirect. It is particularly unfortunate when this type of situation arises between two partners, especially when children are involved. This can be a really trying time, especially as the interests of the children have to come first. It can also be difficult to focus, however, so what do you really need to be careful of as you navigate these treacherous waters? Read More 

3 Important Considerations for a Stress-Free Separation

Separation after marriage comes with a large amount of baggage. Not only do you have to process your feelings following the breakdown of what was to be a lifelong union, but there are many practical aspects to navigate, particularly when there are children involved. Read on for a checklist to complete before implementing a separation. 1. Legal aspects In cases of amicable separation, you may not need to involve the courts. Read More 

Answers to Some Common Questions About Divorce in Australia

Getting a divorce is probably not anyone's preference when it comes to relationships, but a divorce can be needed when a marriage has completely broken down. If you're in Australia and are considering a divorce, note a few commonly asked questions about the process, and then discuss this option with an attorney as needed. What is separation under one roof? A couple is typically required to be separated for a period of time before they are allowed a divorce, but if you and your spouse cannot find separate homes and are still living together as roommates, you can file a request that the court recognize your " Read More 

3 Considerations When Contesting A Will Set Up By Your Deceased Parents

If you feel like you have been treated unfairly when it came to sharing assets among your siblings, you may have the right to contest a will set up by your deceased parents. To enhance your chance of getting what you deserve, you may want to talk with solicitors who understand the local law when it comes to will disputes. Consider these factors when contesting a will. Consider Whether There Is A Time Limit When Contesting A Will Read More