Declaring Assets During a Divorce: How a Family Lawyer Can Help Deal With Concealed Cryptocurrency

One of the key things that need to be determined is the division of assets when it comes to divorce proceedings. This includes any property or money that you both acquired during the marriage. A family court may decide the allocated assets if you and your ex cannot agree. Cryptocurrency has become a popular way to hide assets during divorce proceedings in recent years. This is because it is relatively easy to conceal and can be difficult to track. Read More 

Family Law: 2 Types of Child Custody Arrangements You Can Choose From After Divorce

The decisions you make when going through a divorce will determine the outcome of the case. If you avoid disagreements with your spouse, you will experience a less complicated process.  While the division of assets and wealth might be manageable without professional help, child custody arrangements might be hard to negotiate by yourselves. Child custody agreements require legal intervention to determine the most suitable parent to obtain custody, depending on their relationship with the kids. Read More